a) What causes swelling and bleeding:
1) First 3 days anything consumed must be cold.
2) First 21 days after the 3rd day everything consumed must be no hotter than room temperature.
3) No dairy or yeast products for 6-8 weeks (45-60 days).
4) Avoid chewing in general for 6-8 weeks (45-60 days).

b) What will cause infection and migration:
1) No chewing gum for 6-8 weeks (45-60 days).
2) No sucking on a straw for 6-8 weeks (45-60 days).
3) When it comes to meat or poultry products you must cuts into small chunks like you are feeding an infant. In order to avoid chewing in general.
4) You have to do everything in groups (eat, drink, smoke) then rinse.
5) Your bible is Oral B mouth wash (alcohol free). Must rinse every time you put anything in your mouth during the day ounce water & ounce oral-b mouth wash. In the morning and night must rinse full strength for one-minute

External aftercare

Part1: Use liquid antibacterial non-scented soap "dial" and wash piercing 3-5 times a day very gently.

Part2: Must use Dragon mist or first aid liquid antiseptic to clean piercing 3-5 times a day.