Welcome to the online domain of Orchid. We are currently updating and revamping the site, please be patient. Orchid Professional Body Piercing uses 316 LVM jewelry.

What does this mean?
316LVM Steel is the top quality of implant in Surgical Steel. It is a category of steel of low carbon. The metal has been melted in an environment without oxygen. It minimizes the carbon of the finished pieces.

Why should I, the customer Care?
There is a market of 316L Steel Jewelry. 316L Jewelry is not suggested for implant/piercing as it can be the first cause of infection. We at Orchid Professional Body Piercing use 316 LVM Steel Jewelry to reduce this risk. 316 LVM is used for human implants that are in contact with bones & fine tissues. It is IN CONCLUSION: the favourite metal of Orchid Professional Body Piercing as it is high quality steel. More importantly, it is the safest piece of jewelry on the market today for the customer to wear.

Please come by, we at Orchid Professional Body Peircing will be more than happy to be of assistance! Thank you for your time.